I have several projects that I have worked on or are currently working on. You can find most of the code on GitHub.


Elite Running Log is a calendar based running log built to help keep track of mileage, shoes, pace, and more. It is designed to be light-weight, simple, and easy. Made for runners who don't run with their phones.
Elite Running Log Android App
Movie Palette Generator is a CLI program that was inspired by a similar project. It takes the frames of video files, shrinks and compresses them, and outputs an image in order to see the overall color palette.
Movie Palette Generator

USGS KML Formatter is a GUI application that reads state KML files from the USGS and parses them to allow users to export organized KML or KMZ files with specific groupings. The GUI shows users what they can expect from the resulting files. It also shows Feature descriptions.
USGS KML Formatter


SoundSend is a Javascript webapp that lets multiple users control the music playing on a single source. It uses the SoundCloud API to play the audio and the Firebase API to manage the real-time interactions in a room.
Relative Size App is a small Javascript application that uses the HTML5 Canvas to draw images that scale in proportion to a banana. This can help in understanding the scale of real objects as long as you have their 2D measurements.
Relative Size App

3-Point Geological Plane Solver is a complex 3 point problem solver that uses the Google Earth API to plot geological symbols in 3D by Alt+Clicking on the globe. It can export your work as well as import local KML or external KMZs. The Google Earth API is becoming deprecated, this may or may not work for you.
3-Point Geological-Plane Solver
Simple Youtube Gallery is a small Javascript project that pulls Youtube playlists and allows the user to configure some basic styling of the gallery. It is meant to be portable and easy to use on any website.
Simple Youtube Gallery

Geologic Web Utilities are a set of (mostly) Javascript based tools to aid in geologic reseach and calculations. Included are calculators, Excel to KML converters, conversion tools, and interactive applications. There are some desktop applications written in Java as well.
Geologic Web Utilities

Website Designs

Garden State Board Co. was an idea to build skateboards and longboards out of custom materials to enhance the personality and features of the board. I designed the logo and the front page.
Garden State Board Co.

Wordpress Sites

I also do some Wordpress site development and design.


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